It's the semi-final and we catch up with semi-finialist Bethan Sowerby.

Hands up who is hooked yet again on Britain’s Next Top Model? Yup us too.

This week each of the finalists were chosen to promote a product from Radox’s ‘feel’ shower range based on their personality. It was pretty tough as the gang had to draw inspiration from the power of scent and colour in an exotic themed shoot! We think we’d just stand there looking confused. But one woman who nailed it and got through to the semi-final was Bethan. We caught up with her after the shoot!

Hi Bethan. What did you think when you found out it was a Radox brief at the beginning?

I was really excited when I found out it was Radox because we had a model mail last night and it said scrub up. We thought it could either be a body scrub or getting glammed up. We all thought it was going to be glammed up, so when we found out it was Radox we thought it was a bit different. It’s exciting.

Bethan has a smell to get in to character and inspiration for her shoot

Bethan has a smell to get in to character and inspiration for her shoot

What do you think about the product you got given?

I was over the moon that I got active because I’m quite sporty, always in the gym and I watch what I eat. I got the best photo at the sports shoot so I was happy I got the one that I wanted.

Have you ever showered with Radox before?

Yes I’ve showered with it and my boyfriend has it. He’s got the one for men so I always smell like a man after. It’s nice and refreshing.

Have you used the feel active one before today’s shoot?

No I haven’t seen that one but it’s one to try. All the smells are really refreshing and I think that’s why they are so relaxing.

What do you do when your not here in this competition?

I work at Topshop in Manchester. I get good discount but I want to get out of retail.

Do you think things have changed a lot since you got selected for the show?

Yes definitely, even in my self I feel like I’ve changed. I feel like in the past three weeks I’ve gone back to normal being negative. In the first week I was positive and that is just not me. In person I am positive but I’m negative about my pictures and myself. I feel like in the past three weeks I haven’t been doing as well, I think its because everyone has got so good, I have to keep up with them and its been stressful. It is so intense, I got very upset before because I’m a perfectionist and my comments weren’t amazing. I need to do well this week otherwise I’m going home.

What have been your highlights of the show so far?

When we first got to Jamaica, we got out of the cab and there was a carnival which was one of the best moments. I was in a moment and I loved it. Also when I got the best photo in the first week with Reebok.

Bethan doing her thing in the semi final of BNTM

Bethan doing her thing in the semi final of BNTM

What are the three beauty products you couldn’t live without?

Clinique face wash, having dark eyebrows using my eyebrow brush and hairspray and bronzer. I would rather use bronzer than foundation, they prefer you to look more natural in this show.

Do you have a morning beauty regime?

Yes, I have a full body wash if I don’t have time for a full shower. I don’t wash my hair in the morning it takes too long to dry. I use Clinique products on my face because it isn’t harsh on my skin, i have their makeup remover and a oily face wash. I normally straighten my hair, I would love to curl it but I never have time and I always have hoops in my ears.

Have you learnt lots of tricks from the make-up artists since you have been here?

Yes, my favourites are learning how to contour properly and other little things they do. They have a clear mascara gel for eyebrows I am going to buy. Katie told me a trick to make your eyebrows grow, so I will buy some of that. Also putting cold things on your eyes, I had really puffy eyes so that helps. They have given us loads of tips, they are the best make-up artists.

Bethan getting hair and makeup ready on set

Bethan getting hair and makeup ready on set

What have you got on for the next couple of days, do you know?

No idea, we only get a model mail which is a riddle. You never actually get told apart from the nude shoot. We will get a model mail tonight and tomorrow will probably be elimination. Hopefully I will stay in and then the finals will probably be a big catwalk then maybe two shoots.

Radox in shower range is available from Boots nationwide and online priced at £1.99.