Now's brides are here to make your ride-to-bride a smooth one. This week it's the who, who, when and 'why-oh-why' of: WEDDING INVITES

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Now, how do you actually plan a wedding?! Whether you’re a guest, a bride or a groom – Now’s weekly #BrideConfessions are here to help REAL-BRIDES (and their wedding wingwomen) tackle wedding planning.

Now’s resident brides – Content Director Sally Eyden and Style Content Director Gilly Ferguson – are here to share their wedding highs and wedding lows – from AHH! WHERE TO START!? – to this week’s dilemmna… The Invites

And – as Now HQ are fast learning, when it comes to weddings – nothing is plain sailing. Which is why we’ve enlisted some expert help from the lovely ladies (and top London party planners) at SnapDragon

SnapDragon (alongside Gee Brothers’ handy guide here) are here to help us all navigate the ‘whos, why and whens’ of wedding invites… DO check out their top tips in the video below. 

Oh – and if you’re recently engaged – DO have a look at our 9 things I wish I’d known aboutWedding Planning starter-guide here. It includes that all-important TIMELINE plus tips on how to handle family politics and awks bridesmaids.

If in doubt, just forward these vlogs to them!? 

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1. Save The Dates: Make an A-list of those friends +  family you’d LOVE to be there and start with them.. especially if they live abroad. NB Paperless Post is your friend. Get them out 6+ months before your wedding – as soon as you find your venue.

Why Paperless Post? The chances are you’re more likely to have a friend’s email address – rather
than their home one – so Paperless Post is your new BFF. Doing a Save The Date this way means it acts as an RSVP at the same time too, there’s even a place to put peoples’ addresses in so you have them banked when it comes to sending out emails. 

… AND you only have to buy invites for those people who you know are definitely coming. Hello savvy #BudgetBride!

Why not book an illustrator – like Curious Me? You can commission them to sketch something bespoke for your day – pay once – and use it across menus, the Order of Service and more

DO Watch out for adding fancy seals to your envelopes. It adds extra weight, and believe us there is something quite embarrassing about guests having to shell out for your extra postage costs…!

DO Use Pinterest. As with all wedding planning, Pinterest is your style saviour and full of inspiration for Save The Dates and invites. If you want yours to set the tone of your wedding, do a bit of research.

2. THE A-INVITES: Should go out 3 months + prior to the wedding.

… B-INVITES =Your reserves. Can go out no less than 6 weeks before the wedding

Download Gee Brothers’ expert guide to wedding stationary here.

… NB POSTAL INVITES are lovely, but do pop an email address on there too – waiting on traditional RSVPs = NOT fun at all (says Now’s Gilly Ferguson…!)

3. RSVPs: Wait 4-6 weeks…

… If they don’t reply after that? It’s okay to chase!


…Did you go to their wedding? NO – you don’t have to invite them! Even Kimye had invite dramas, with Kim Kardashian‘s brother Rob was a no-show.

5. THE OFFICE POLITICS: Talking about your big day dramas at work?

… NO you do NOT have to invite your colleagues! Even if Rihanna is your boss…

Think of guests as walking £20 notes – only invite those you you’d spend the money on!

6. CHILDREN? If you want children there, you may have to provide entertainment. But – unless they’re breastfeeding – you may find most parents would like a night off!

*TIP* Talk a close parent friend through your plans for the day, and ask them whether it’s child-appropriate or not

*TOP TIP* Getting stamps made for your invite? Perhaps they’re using a a copper plate to make your mould? Ask if you can keep it! It’ll make a lovely keepsake or anniversay gift for your other half later down the line…

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