Delve into Rochelle Humes' beauty bag for her jet set essentials…

From Dubai to the Maldives and the Caribbean, Rochelle Humes is known for jetting all over the world to some of the most far-flung holiday destinations.

So if there’s one thing the Saturday’s star has got nailed, it’s holiday packing. Well, when you’ve got a two year old daughter in tow and gorgeous looks to maintain, a girl’s gotta get organised!

So what’s her secret? We met with Rochelle at the launch of her new fashion collection for, and she spilled the beans…

Hi Rochelle! Congrats on your new collection. How do you decide what to pack when you go on holiday?

I have a drawer under my bed which is full to the brim with my holiday essentials from kaftans to jean shorts. Every time I go away I literally just tip it into my case – all my holiday pictures are always the same because I never buy anything new!

What’s your top tip for suitcase packing?

I always pack my shoes around the wedge of my case to protect my clothes. Wearing the heaviest items means I don’t go over my baggage allowance, and I always carry hats so they don’t get squashed! I look ridiculous going through security!

What’s your flying routine like?

As soon as we take off I’ll give my daughter Alaia Mai a bottle so she’s settled for the flight. Then I like to take my make up off – I’ll take mini packs of face wipes then just before we land I’ll replenish my skin with moisturiser, lip balm and perfume so when I get off the plane I feel refreshed!

Any holiday hair care tips?

I have my hair blow dried the day I leave for holiday, then I try not to wash it when I’m away. The day before I come back I’ll apply a treatment to help repar any damage caused by the sun. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is amazing.

Are there any multi use beauty products you pack to save suitcase space?

I am obsessed with coconut oil. It’s great for a face treatment, hair masque or to use to put a great sheen on your legs. II always take it on holiday as it’s great for locking moisturizer back into my skin after being in the sun.

How do you take care of your skin in the sun?

Using suncream on my face tends to give me spots as it’s heavy, so instead I’ll use a great moisturizer with high SPF. Clarins is my favourite.

Rochelle’s new fashion collection is available at now!

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