Sit up Britain! Thanks to K-Stew, there’s a terrifying new trend in town - but will you dare to wear it too?

Kristen Stewart didn’t just walk onto the red carpet at the On The Road premiere in Los Angeles. Oh no. She walked smack, bang into a micro fashion trend too.

Back on this side of the Atlantic Gwen Stefani followed suit – live on The X Factor stage – and ensured that all eyes were on her abs, and less so on this week’s eliminated finalist Kye Sones.

So what is this micro trend? Breathe in now… Kristen Stewart and Gwen Stefani dared to bare their midriffs over the weekend, storming their way into one of this season’s scariest and most shocking trends!

While the majority of us may shudder at the very thought of rolling out a (mince pie-heavy) midriff at this time of year, there are a few beauty products that’ll help take your tum from, well, tum to YUM:

1. Bliss has created a celeb-fave cooling gel called The Love Handler, from £30.70, which ‘targets wiggly waists and pudgy tummies’. It’s equipped with an 8-hour skin firming caffeine release system and comes complete with energising amino acids as standard. Jazzy.

2. In turn, the complete Body set from This Works includes a Daily Boost Body Scrub with grapefruit and tourmaline to boost sluggish systems and a powerful skin serum packed with Vitamin C to perfect, repair and enhance. Prices start at £20 for a set of three body care products.

3. And there’s always the gym.

Are you even tempted to slip on a crop top – a la Kristen Stewart and Gwen Stefani – this winter?

Or is this one trend that’s best left to those Hollywood types… who probably have sunshine and personal trainers on tap!?

Breathe out, then let us know.

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