Actress will donate footwear in South Africa

Charlize Theron has designed a new shoe for charity.

The actress, 34, has teamed up with TOMS to launch the limited-edition slipper, which is embellished with an image of a baobab tree.

Proceeds will go to the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, which is dedicated to improving the lives of school children in South Africa.

TOMS will also donate 10,000 pairs to impoverished kids in the country and Charlize has already flown out to the KwaZulu-Natal Province to start distributing the footwear.

‘I’m thrilled to have TOMS Shoes as a partner,’ she says in a statement. ‘We are so grateful for their generous donation of shoes to the students we work with.

‘It’s exciting that we’re able to come together in such a cool and creative way to bring attention to the needs of many South African youth.’

Charlize‘s shoes are available exclusively at

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