Coleen has a fashion-conscious family

Coleen Rooney isn’t the only member of her family who has fun with fashion.

The mum-of-two, who has her own line of clothing with Littlewoods, admits that her sense of style has probably rubbed off on her sons Kai, 5, and Klay, 1.

‘I suppose it does in a way!’ says Coleen, 28.

‘The boys enjoy dressing up in fun outfits and I love to dress them smartly when we go to events like the races.

‘Kai was so proud in his little suit and Klay just looks adorable in anything he wears!’

Coleen Rooney‘s footballer husband Wayne is quite relaxed about fashion but is happy to dress in garments his wife gives him.

‘Wayne’s not fussy about what he wears,’ reveals Coleen.

‘I buy him clothes for birthdays and Christmas and he always seems to like what I buy him.

‘He has a good relationship with boutiques in Liverpool and Manchester, Cricket and Flannels, so he shops there regularly.’

Being a busy mum, Coleen has noticed her style evolve over the years to fit her lifestyle.

‘When the two boys are around, it’s literally a case of throwing anything on,’ she explains.

‘I tend to wear gym clothes most days, as it’s easy. But if I’m going to an event or going out I plan my outfit the evening before.’

Coleen Rooney clearly puts her children before anything. Back in 2012 the fashionista admitted that she’s always tried to balance her projects with family life.

‘I love the independence work gives me,’ she told the Mirror.

‘And I really enjoy doing modelling and shoots. Of course though my family comes first.

‘Kai is my main priority and if it means that I have to miss out on work or cut it short then I do. Wayne is great with Kai and together we make it work well.

‘I’m just a normal woman with a family and job. I’ve always been this way and I really don’t think I’ll change.’

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