The 53-year-old singer's fashion choice is questionable


Madonna hit the stage in a high-cut pair of satin black shorts on Saturday that were so tiny they flashed half her bottom.

The 53-year-old singer, who was performing at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami’s Bayfront Park, is super-toned with her daily yoga routines but, even so, her buttocks looked squashed and rather droopy.

Madonna – never one to dress down in modest clothes – completed her outfit with a T-shirt, leather gloves, fishnet tights and knee-length lace-up heels.

Opinion was divided on her latest look on Twitter

‘I will reserve judgement on Madonna and her skimpy outfits until I see what I look like at age 53 in hotpants..’ writes one Twitter user.

But another Tweets: ‘Cringe so bad at madonna wearing hotpants, how old are you?!?!’

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Esme Riley