The teen singer is headed for the catwalk


Cher Lloyd has been scouted by top model agency Select.

The 18-year-old, who’s joined Select’s Special Bookings Division, has already posed for a number of stylish shots, in which she bears little resemblance to the feisty teen who took part in The X Factor 2010. 

‘We are over the moon to welcome Cher,’ says an agency spokesman.

‘We spotted her extraordinary vulnerable quirky beauty at the start of her career and now we are delighted she has chosen our agency to represent her modelling career.

‘Her strong individuality represents everything we love about the youth of today and their music.’

The agency believes Cher‘s possibilities in the world of fashion are ‘endless’ and that she’ll soon be gracing the covers and pages of many magazines. 

‘She is a melting pot of different emotions, from super confidence oozing fun to a vulnerability that allows her followers to see her reflective side,’ continues the spokesman.

‘She prides herself on staying true to herself both in her music and in her style of dress and because of this, she is a photographer’s dream.’

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