Catherine's Coronation Street character flaunts her sexuality

Catherine Tyldesley has got used to wearing skimpy clothes as her Coronation Street alter ego Eva Price.

The actress admits that she actually chooses some barmaid Eva’s revealing outfits herself, even though they can leave her quite red-faced.

Dad tells me, “You’ll catch your death, Cath!”‘ quips Catherine, 30.

It can be pretty embarrassing sometimes. But it’s all part of the character. In fact I pick a lot of Eva’s clothes myself.

Eva uses her sexuality to get what she wants – she’ll wear a low-cut dress and go and get it. She wraps guys around her little finger.

She just does not care, she has so much confidence.

That fuchsia pink bodysuit she wore for the fun run storyline was all my idea – I made her Aerobics Barbie. It was a fun run after all.’

Catherine won’t be borrowing anything from Eva’s wardrobe any time soon though.

I must admit I wouldn’t wear the majority of them in real life,’ the pretty blonde tells the Mirror.

No way! Eva’s got more balls than me.

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