The Jerry Maguire star loves Giorgio but doesn’t like shopping or shorts

Cuba Gooding Jr says retail therapy is his idea of hell.

The Hollywood actor says he is absolutely hopeless when splashing the cash, and often gets it wrong when he does.

‘I’ll buy stuff on the spur of the moment and then not like it, or it doesn’t fit properly when I get it home,’ he tells Live magazine. ‘But I just can’t bear to take things back.’

The 39-year-old actor also says he tries to avoid wearing shorts as much as possible, because his wife Sara thinks he has ‘chicken legs’.

‘I’m not happy wearing shorts out in public,’ he reveals. ‘They’re fine for rushing round at home or going to the grocery store, but that’s about it.’

Only one designer gets him excited about clothes – an Italian living legend.

‘You can’t beat Armani suits,’ says Cuba. ‘I wore a specially designed, elongated tux by Armani with a satin waistcoat, white shirt and oversized bow tie when I picked up my Oscar for Jerry Maguire. And I’m still very loyal to the label.’

Claire Williams