The Jenner’s debut Topshop collection lands in store this week, but is Jenneration Topshop really designed for bods like ours? Now HQ puts the launch of 2015 to the test

The Celebs:
Kylie Jenner – 17 years; size 8; height 5’7
Kendall Jenner – 19 years; size 6; height 5’11


The Real-Lifes:
Sarah Bradbury – 25 years; size 12; height 5’11
Kirsty Harlow – 36 years; size 8; height 5’6
Gilly Ferguson – 33 years; size 10; height 5’5
Hannah Eichler – 30 years; size 12; height 5’0

TESTER: Gilly Ferguson, 33
‘I do love a celeb/high street collaboration – I’ve pretty much made a entire career out of shopping them.
And yet I also know that one day (sigh) I’m going to have to hang up my Topshop hanger and pootle over to Notcutts instead.
So, is THIS the day? With a combined age of 36, there’s no denying that Topshop’s new gen’ designers are genuine whippersnappers.
I’m TWICE Kylie Jenner’s age for gahds sake! Me? I’m more ‘of the age’ where I can’t stand up without letting out a little groan.

According to Topshop, Kendall + Kylie’s 15-strong debut collection is ‘inspired by their huge online following’ [a total of 50.5+ million Instagram followers to you and I]
But – while their mega fan base may include a LOT of tweens and twenty-somethings – it turns out their collection is ageless.

Yes, the shorts come short and the tops come even shorter, but the whole collection is a hell of a lot more sensible than I’d expected. It even boasts blousons! Who’d have thought it.

Am I too grown up for Kendall + Kylie at Topshop? Certainly not. I will still groan when I stand up in it though.’

TESTER: Sarah Bradbury, 25

‘When I heard that Kendall + Kylie were launching a collection for Topshop I got giddy. I’m a huge fan!
At 5’ 11 I do have long legs – like Kendall but sadly I don’t have the actual supermodel body – mainly because I have size 32E boobs for starters!
Having struggled with Topshop sizing in the past, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to strap my own ‘Kendall and Kylies’ into the new collection. Anyone who’s suffered from four-boob-fear with feel my pain!
…But to my delight, the Jenner collection FITS!

This higher neckline on this dress not only flatters bigger busts but the extra tier will give beesting boobs a little boost too. Oh, and the best bit? The collection’s not scary-fashionable, meaning it’s doubly wearable for day-to-day diehard Kardashian fans like me!’

TESTER: Kirsty Harlow, 36

‘The idea of stepping out in the new range was pretty scary. I have a 19 month old baby and – even though I think mums can dress cool too – would the K+K collection be just that little bit too risqué?
Having seen the clothes in person though, I was genuinely surprised.  Not only is it incredibly wearable – especially for a celebrity (read: Kardashian!) fashion line, but it’s pretty affordable too. This slogan sweater is SO comfy and would look great with a pair of jeans or even dressed up for a quick after work drink – childcare depending!
Having said that, the shorts all came up pretty – well – short. Much more suitable for a holiday or festival, not so much one for the school run!

TESTER: Hannah Eichler, 30

I’m 5 foot plus curves – so not an ideal shape for a collection largely designed for slim and leggy Kendall clones!
… Or so I’d thought. In reality, I was VERY surprised by Kendall + Kylie’s Topshop line!

Take this playsuit: The v-neck narrows your top half, while the drawstring waist means you can cinch in your middle as much as you’d like, and the print is cool, yet busy enough to disguise any lumps and bumps. Plus the billowy 3/4-length sleeves are perfect for those who don’t like flashing too much flesh, even on a hot summer day.

Most of all I’m surprised by the prices! They range from £28-80 and each piece is really versatile – at £45 – this playsuit would work as well on the beach as it would a wedding. My one negative? It comes up pretty short! Great for me + my 5’ frame, but if I found it short? Well, who knows how those leggy girls will cope!

Kendall + Kylie’s Topshop collection is available from the 3rd June 2015 at and selected TOPSHOP stores worldwide