Meet the winners of Now's Essex Fashion Week model competition in association with New Look and Next Models


We already know that the Essex lot are a good looking bunch, but thanks to Now‘s Essex Fashion Week model competition with our friends at New Look and Next Model Management, we’ve discovered a couple of catwalkers who could give Mark Wright, Lauren Goodger, Kirk Norcross and Amy Childs a run for their money.

Out of hundreds of hopefuls at Essex Fashion Week, Caitlin Burles, 16, and Jamie Finch, 19, were hand picked by Next Model scouts to score a professional photo shoot in London with a top stylist and photographer, plus a shopping trip from New Look, and the chance to sign a modelling contract with Next Model Management globally.

In their first ever interview, Caitlin and Jamie reveal why from now on, the only way is the runway:

What does winning Essex Fashion Week’s model competition mean to you?
Caitlin: It means everything to me! I am so overwhelmed by it to be honest, and it’s so exciting!
Jamie: Obviously I am over the moon! I thought it was a wind up when they scouted me, so the fact that it’s for real is wicked!

What are you most excited about your new modelling career?
Caitlin: The shoots, the clothes, the travel, I can’t wait! Bring it on I am so excited!
Jamie: Am I allowed to say the girls?! Obviously the whole thing it’s all new to me, I am a carpet cleaner normally so doing something glamorous is going to be different for me, I can’t wait! 

Did you have fun at Essex Fashion Week?
Caitlin: I absolutely loved it, what an amazing experience, there were so many celebs there! And getting scouted was obviously brilliant!
Jamie: I was at the party and it was going off in there!! I had so much fun, all the cast from The Only Way Is Essex were there which was interesting!

Do you think Essex style get bad press?
Caitlin: Well the girls tend to be really glamorous and really take care of themselves, with tans, nails, hairdos and stuff. It’s high maintenance being an Essex girl! But I think it’s worth it! We always look well turned out. It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but that’s what makes it good! You either love it or hate it!
Jamie: Essex girls are the sexiest in the UK definitely, they always look amazing, really glam and immaculate. I think people who are slating them are just jell!!

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Alison Tay