Celebrate London Fashion Week by having a giggle at these catwalk calamities

What’s the most totes awks thing you’ve ever encountered? Dress tucked into your knickers? Calling your PE teacher Mum? Fell over whilst running for the bus? We’ve all been there. Well ladies, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, as what you are about to see made our sides hurt. We’re in ACTUAL pain.

With London Fashion Week kicking off this weekend, some of the hottest models in the ‘biz from Cara Delevingne to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be touching down in the city. But it’s not all effortless off-duty looks, runway worthy contouring and fash-waaan darling parties. Pinky promise.

Judging by these ROFL videos, prancing down the catwalks in some of fashion lands most coveted designer clothes isn’t as easy as it looks…

Just check out fashion diva Naomi Campbell who hit the deck modelling at Vivienne Westwood‘s show in 1993. At least she saw the funny side THIS time!

And what about Jessica Stam, whose fall from grace was so spectacular she almost leaped in the air prior to hitting the ground. OUCHERS!

Think your high heels are hard to walk in? When Katie Fogarty fell over at the Prada show fashion editors on the front row had to help pick her up. Awwwwwks.

Check out supermodel Agyness Deyn, whose expert catwalk prowl has captivated fashion fans the world over – especially when she fell over TWICE at Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show back in 2010.

But it was once, twice, three times a lady for Lindsey Wixon, who took a tumble even more than Agyness as she took to the red runway at Fashion For Relief the following year. She’s also fallen over modelling for Versace and at Cannes Film Festival. Who does she think she is, Jennifer Lawrence?

And let’s not forget Karlie Kloss. She thought she’d gotten away with it when she fell over when she modelled at the Fendi. We can still see you, Karlie!

So while you might think of supermodels as super humans, they’re just like the rest of us. We bet they even get spots, too.

Hannah Eichler