Clever girl! Kendall Jenner finds the coolest way to have the final word against the fat shamers

In the modelling world it doesn’t get much better than this – Kendall Jenner closed the show for Dolce & Gabbana this weekend, proudly walking front and centre wearing the teeniest pair of embellished hotpants.

It was the perfect in-your-face moment for Kim Kardashian’s little sister who last week was called ‘fat’ by some fashion critics. And Kim herself proudly posted to her Instagram account: ‘So so so proud of you @kendalljenner You killed it! @DolceGabbana #ClosedTheShow’

But that wasn’t all Kendall did.

After a little stalking (NB: dribbling) on our part over Kendall’s
Instagram account, it seems that the starlet has hit back at critics in
her own way, first posting a cheeky pic of her legs from behind in THAT mini skirt – swoon.

And then, she staged the perfect revenge for all those people in the fashion industry who have commented on her curves – she went for ice cream. Italian gelato in Milan? Save us a scoop!

Kendall, 18, has never hidden the fact she wants to be a model with her ultimate goal to appear on the runway for Victoria’s Secret.

Walking for New York, Milan and hopefully Paris Fashion Week, Kendall has made an impact this year – but not all for the right reasons. First, it was reported at New York Fashion Week that the other models were jealous of Kendall‘s
success and claimed that she had it too easy and was reportedly bullied
back stage with fellow models putting their cigs out in her drinks. Not
cool girls!

Then, she walked for Tommy Hilfiger and one Australian magazine printed a picture where it looks like Kendall
has a bit of cellulite – and again, who cares? As far as I’m aware, we all
have it and if you asked a bloke what it was, we’re pretty sure he’d
have no idea.

Looking at pictures from the show we can’t
see anything wrong with Kendall’s legs – can you? I mean if anything,
Now HQ
are pretty envious of them. We can’t see a single inch to pinch on
those stems!

During her time on the catwalk, there were also
reports that she was ‘too fat’ to be a model – sorry, what? ‘Too fat and
needs to loose 8kg?’ Puh-leeease! If she’s fat, then someone seriously
needs a trip to Specsavers, right? She’s been blessed with those
infamous Kardashian Kurves and that’s nothing to shy away from. You rock those kurves girl! Show ‘em what Kris Jenner gave ya!

But on a serious note, calling an 18 year old girl fat is not OK. Whether you’re in the modeling world or not. As an impressionable
young woman who’s working hard for her goals on her own merit –
apparently Kendall‘s dropped the ‘Jenner’ from her name in the hope that she’ll get taken more seriously – it is, frankly, disgusting.

Celeb bestie Ireland Baldwin hit back at critics: ‘uh. let me tell you. that girl has flawless legs. I’ve seen them in person plenty of times…

We’re pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with you or your legs Kend!

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Sarah Bradbury