It’s official – Alli is our new girl crush! Read her style tips and watch our exclusive video here!

She’s the Aussie stylista who’s BFF’s with Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez, has 1.7 million Insta followers and has just been signed up to front Claire’s new campaign. If Alli Simpson isn’t on your radar already, she should be!

We caught up with Cody Simpson’s little sis in LA, where she shared her secret style tips, and treated us to a sweep of accessory haven Claires, picking out her favourite pieces for party season!

Hi Alli! What’s your feel good fashion item?

“Hey Now! On days you don’t want to wear make-up or do your hair, a good hat can be a life saver! I love cute baseball caps and a floppy hats – they’ve often saved me from those bad hair days!”

What’s your favourite accessory?

“My favourite accessory has to be RINGS RINGS RINGS and more RINGS! I never leave the house without rings on, a ring on every finger I say. It makes me feel delicate and feminine, and ready to take on the world. I feel naked without them.”

Has your style evolved since moving from Australia to America?

“My style has changed a lot since moving to LA – I’m always experimenting with trends! The high street is the best place for trying something new because you can pick up fashion forward looks on the cheap! Claire’s, Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal are my favs!”

What’s the best style tip your mum has taught you?

“My Mum taught me how to dress to my body shape – she taught me about the most flattering cuts for my shape. My trick for body confidence is to make a feature out of your favourite area, so I’ll often wear little shorts with floaty tops as I like my legs. Everyone is blessed with different body shapes – and that’s OK!”

What’s your favourite date night outfit?

“Boys often don’t get fashion, so you can’t go wrong with simplicity in my eyes! Jeans, a cute T-shirt and some heels are always a winner on first dates! Comfort is key too – I always think Selena Gomez nails it. ”

Do you like experimenting with new styles?

“Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion – right now I am loving bandanas! I’ll mix it up and tie them around my head in different ways, or around my neck. I also tie them around my wrist or hang them out my back pocket or onto a handbag. So many ways to rock that bandana!”

What’s your signature make up look?

“Being in the public eye can put plenty of pressure on me to look “perfect” but over time I’ve learnt to just be myself –  my fail safe beauty look is a very light base and a flick of mascara.”

Get ready for party season with our exclusive video of Alli on a Claire’s store sweep!


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