Ladylike Gaga has hung up her fishnets and slung on a ditsy print frock instead!


Think ‘Lady Gaga‘ and the chances are you’ll think wacky wardrobe, krayzee hair and seriously silly shoes.’

So far, so Gaga.

Meat dresses! Latex stripper heels! Teacups! If it’s nuts, she’s definitely worn it – and probably got the I’m wacky me!’ T-shirt too.

But just as the world thought that Lady Gaga could shock no more, she’s done the unthinkable – and worn a ditsy print dress.

Without even a hint of sexy zips, leather strips or visible nips, Gaga stepped out in a floor-sweeping floral maxi dress for a trip to Kitson Kids in Los Angeles.

How very ordinary of her!

Of course, in slinging on the floral frock, 1970s floppy hat and saucer-sized shades, Lady Gaga guaranteed herself attention across the globe – a bit like that time that Madonna ‘Conical Boobs’ Ciccone wore a tea dress to launch her kids’ book…

Hold the homepage! Is Lady Gaga about to launch a demure, girly kidswear range? Is she thinking of having some (Kitson-clad) kids!?

Probably not.

But her new look does give us all an excuse to imagine what Girly Lady Gaga will wear next… sensible orthopedic shoes and sweater vests anyone? Please.

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