Lake Bell looked stunning on the red carpet for the Emmy's last night but showed off a little more than she bargained for.

Lake Bell, known for appearing in movies like No Strings Attached, Man Up and most recently, The Secret Life of Pets, but poor Lake suffered a wardrobe malfunction like no other last night.

Appearing on the red carpet for the Creative Arts Emmy’s Awards in LA, Lake was posing for the cameras like she usually would but was completely unaware of what had happened to her dress!

[gif] Marilyn Monroe skirt.gif

She wore a stunning Naeem Khan dress, which featured gorgeous grey embellishment and embroidery with some fringing – one of this seasons hottest trends! Sadly, it’s not one that bears well with wind.

Sadly for Lake, the wind on the red carpet blew at the wrong time causing the fringing to move and expose Lake’s private parts! Yikes!

Thankfully she was wearing nude coloured underwear so wasn’t completely caught out! Something that A LOT of celebrities could learn from!

Lake seemed blissfully unaware that the malfunction had even happened and even if she did, she handled it very well!

If you have a black tie event this season for fancy wearing some fringing to an evening event or party, don’t let this put you off!

We love fringing and it’s been seen all over the high street! Maybe opt for fringing that just sits on one level rather than tiered – so many skirts and even trousers right now have some gorgeous beading some fringe work!

If like Lake, you find yourself wanting a tiered dress, swish around in the changing room for a bit first or find a slip that will sit underneath and go unnoticed to provide extra coverage that maybe Lake could have done with too!

But above all else, before leaving home, let this be a lesson to you and always remember to put on clean pants before you leave the house! You never know when you too could get caught out!