Empire lines, dungarees, TENT DRESSES! Is Keira Knightley secretly debuting her maternity wardrobe?

IsKeira Knightley pregnant with her first child (squeal!)?

… If she is, and her The Imitation Game tour-drobe is anything to go by, the actress’ maternity-esque wardrobe proves that she would be one hot mama!

Not only has Keira, 29, toppled Alexa Chung off the ol’ British style icon top spot [in Now Shopping Ed Gilly Ferguson’s humble opinion] but just take a look-see at all the maternity-style outfits she’s been owning on the red carpet of late!

Let’s examine The Evidence, below:

1] Drop Hems
KK wore a drop hem Michael van der Ham dress for her slot on Good Morning America. Loose around the tummy, yet still en vogue for SS15, it’s a resounding ‘Wham bam thank you Ham’ from us! But as Keira tried to wrap her Burberry Prorsum coat around her middle on leaving…er, was that a bump we spied!?

2] Whizzy Busy Prints
Keira wore an empire-line (aka a bit Jane Austen, and a BIG mainstay of maternity wear) Dolce & Gabbana dress for the New York leg of her The Imitation Game promo tour.

Better than that, she opted for an empire-line dress in WOW-WEE BUSY PRINTS that draws onlookers attention HERE! THERE! EVERYWHERE! in such a frantic fashion, that no one even thought to look for a bump. D’oh!

3] The Tent Dress
Much cooler than it sounds, the overly A-line tent dress screams ‘1960s’ in such a chic way it may as well come complete with guitars and hippies.

But you know what else it screams? Course you do. Something like: ‘Ooh, I’m pregnant and this is the go-to dress for disguising my baby bump for another day or two.’

Keira wore said Holly Fulton ‘Tent’ frock for a night at The Standard Highline in New York on Tuesday night. It’s undoubtedly chic, but does it confirm the very-exciting-news-that-we-all-hope-it-does!?

Dungarees scream two things: 1] I’m painting my sitting room, and trying to look edgy while doing so (and I’ve defo watched too many episodes of Cold Feet from waaay back in the ‘90s)

Or 2] I’m totally pregnant, and baby bumps just make baggy denim look even cuter. Right?

So whaddya think!? Is Keira Knightley expecting her first baby with musician husband James Righton? Are we right (on) in thinking that her wardrobe’s given the game away!?

Either way, it gives us ample excuse to eye-goggle Keira’s fabulous clothes some more. SWOON.

Gilly Ferguson