Sayyy whaaaat? Yes, your boyfriend might be the one stealing your necklaces...

We have a lot of items in our wardrobes that we’ve borrowed from current or ex boyfriends and have never returned because they make us feel safe, look so much better on us or we brought it for them, feeling bitter and decided to keep it in the break-up… No? Just us? We’re still positive that we look better in them anyway!

Well now we think the tables have turned and they’re borrowing our jewellery or we’re stealing theirs – just like Kendall Jenner was seen in a similar necklace that belonged to rumoured flame Lewis Hamilton recently in Monaco. Thoughts on that? Sorry Lewis, but we actually think it looks far better on Kendall, obvs!

We steal their jumpers, tshirts, sometimes trainers to put the bins out in and occasionally we find them in our jeans because they’re ‘so much skinnier‘ apparently but we never thought we’d see the day we’d find them rummaging in our jewellery pots and drawers!? Yes, we’re not kidding you!

Taking tips from totty like Mark Ronson, Brooklyn Beckham and Jamie Campbell-Bower, it’s not all about the Mr T chain like Lewis, but long chains with a pendant and shirt jewels are hot this season! Pretty sure Kendall Jenner is the only person that could pull this look off without looking like an Eastenders extra!

Take a look at our gallery of our 9 fave jewellery items that we’re loving right now that we wouldn’t be annoyed if our boyf borrowed – just hope he doesn’t make a thing of it! To be fair, if Douglas Booth was our boyfriend, we wouldn’t mind him stealing our old shabby necklaces!

What do you think? Would you be angry if you saw your boyfriend wearing your favourite necklace? Or would you take it as a compliment? Let us know in the comment box below!

Sarah Bradbury