Here at Now we're using the little fashion and beauty items we have in our lives to get happy, so join us and #FEELGOODNOW


It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!! Woo hoo! And to think another week has passed by where we haven’t actually cracked under pressure and brought our duvets to work. We really really wanted to.

So to celebrate this lovely beginning of a few fantastic days to ourselves, we’ve compiled the five things that have made us truly happy this week. Woo hoo! You’re gonna love them.

Happy Friday Y’all!

1. Sweet scent

This week Issey Miyake launched their beaut new fragrance City Blossom. It has the perfect mix of feminine and woody tones, which keeps it the right side of sweet. We spritzed it on and were instantly transported in to sunnier days of spring. Mmmm, we can’t wait.

Issey Miyake L’Eau D’issey City Blossom 50ml, £51

2. Our new kicks

Our beloved winter boots have become the dread item of our wardrobes. The styles we loved so much, now just remind us that it’s still so COLD! Luckily these brightly-coloured plimsols from Keds caught our eyes and we snapped up our favourite shade. Taylor Swift is a huge fan of the brand and we can totes see why, they may not be snow proof, but on a dry winter day they’re the perfect cheer me up item. #LOVE

Keds Champion Lace, £50

3. Room shaker

Ok so we might have been a little bit naughty and indulged in something rich. No it’s not what you think, recently we’ve been pretty good in saving the pounds and pennies. So as a reward to ourselves – and everyone else’s ears around us – we treated ourselves to the new Ultimate Ears Megaboom speaker. It’s truly amazing!!! Not only does it have enough sound power to create your own portable party, but it’s also shock and waterproof, meaning, IF you feel the need, you can dunk it in water or chuck it against a wall! We’re not sure we’ll be doing that, but what we will be doing is begging our friends to buy one so we can pair them up and create even more sound power. Bagsy on the purple, it’s so preeeeetty! #SorryNotSorry

UE Megaboom, £249.99

4. Night tanning

This literally made our week! Waking up to naturally tanned-looking skin, like we’d been whisked away to some hot exotic island, while we were asleep. Seriously, this is the work of beauty geniuses. Getting to work while you doze, this sleep mask leaves you with a natural-style golden tone in less than eight hours, plus it’s anti ageing and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. How anyone can wake up with glowy, soft skin and not feel more sprightly.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask, £29.95

5. So so snug

One thing that’s really cheered us up this week, is getting in from the cold and putting on our super snug slippers from Emu. The minute we get in the door, we whack on our comfies, make a cuppa and slide these bad boys on. If you’ve never felt the comfort of these super soft sheepskin slippers, then you really need to. It’s not all about fashion and this is a treat we think everyone should experience. They come in lots of different colours, but our current fave is this girly pink. Choc anyone?

Jolie Slippers, £60, Emu

And that’s that. Have an amazing weekend peeps! Please get in touch and tell us what made you feel #HAPPY this week and enjoy the weekend.

High Five It’s Friday! Check out the 5 things that made us happy last week!

Lydia Anne Thompson