Here at Now we're using little fashion and beauty items to get happy, so join us and #FEELGOODNOW

Hey there lovers! We’re in the mood for THE WEEKEND!!!

It may be Valentine’s day this Saturday, but we’re not relying on boys to pamper and please us, especially when there are so many stylish treats that do the job just as perfectly.

This week we’ve been getting in the mood by talking on our lip-shaped phones and generally just treating ourselves to all things ME. And boy oh boy it’s felt good! Follow our lead, by giving yourself a big hug, some chocolate and a large glass of vino… then shout, ‘Happy Me Day!’

Here are the top 5 things that will give you an instant pick me up! Hooray! #HighFiveItsFriday #FeelGoodNow

Get lippy
The trend for wackster phone covers continues and this week even the most anti comedy case patrons changed alliances and stepped over to the light and fluffy side. The reason? This liptastic cover from Not only is it amazingly LOL, yes we just said that, but it’s also hot on the design front – Stella McCartney have a similar one for £40. AND it’s on sale from £10 to £4! Better get in there quick. It’s 100% starring in all our weekend pictures, and…..POUT!

Case, £4, Very

Shower heaven
Getting up is still so hard! When will it ever be easy? This shower foam from Rituals doesn’t really help much, as actually it’s so dreamy once we’ve left our beds we’re now reluctant to leave the bathroom, but you’ve just got to try it. It’s the weekend now, so you can spend all day soaping and singing if you like. #PRUNE #WeReallyWantTo

Rituals Zensation Foaming Shower Gel Sensation 200 ml £8.50

Oh go on just one more! And what a great treat this is too. These truffles from Thorntons are so delicious we had to stop work and ‘Mmmm!’ in wonder. So grab yourself a box, make a cuppa, switch on your fave flick and cuddle up with whomever you fancy.

Thorntons Marc De Champagne Chocolate Truffles, £10

Panda love
Enjoy your favourite brew
with this single panda mug that changes colour when it’s warm. Made with
quality ceramic and heat sensitive paint, the panda will reveal itself
when filled with your favourite hot beverage.
The panda stays black until
filled with hot water and then transforms to its black and white
self. Simply hold onto its ear handles and sip away.

Panda Mug, £11.99

Smooth operator
Until the end of Feb Sanctuary Spa is working with Wellbeing of Women and giving the full reccomended retail price of £11.50 for their Iconic dead sea salt scrub, to help support a womb cancer project. So you can leave your skin and your halo perfectly polished. Ting!

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub, £11.50

And that’s that, breath a big sigh of relief…. it’s the weekend people! Enjoy!

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Lydia Anne Thompson