And everything weird and wonderful inbetween!

Another September means another London Fashion Week where the who’s who of bloggerville and celebrities come out to play in their best clobber. It’s also great for people watching and style spotting.

The event is split over five days in the city and different shows take place across London at various locations. This year, instead Somerset being held as the main location, a car park on Brewer Street was the main location and we went down to the heart of the action.

Now’s Junior Style Content Writer Sarah Bradbury spent the day in London on Friday, the first day of #LFW to catch up with the celebs and bloggers galore.

But it’s not all peaches and cream down at fashion week… We encountered some fashion week fails. You know the ones… So here are our top fashion week fails!

Starting with some of the inspiration behind some of the looks;

‘It’s black, London and raining’ – Yes, one blogger told us about her ‘inspirational’ outfit and wore all black for London. She was sporting a very outstanding creation on her face and tells us that she was ‘papped to death’ over it. During Fashion Week, anything goes and we were taken back by her face art and assumed it was something she’d seen on Givenchy’s catwalk in Paris the week before.

A lovely bloke we got chatting to told us he made his outfit the day before – hence why it wasn’t quite finished and we wish we’d thought of that idea! Fashion week always has some sort of outfit stress attached to it and it’s not surprising with people like us around questioning you on it! He had some old cans, crisp packets and even one of those tamagotchi’s attached to his bag. The inspiration? He stands for peace and is kind of a hippy but not. We get you.

We caught up with a striking bearded man and couldn’t stop staring at his legs! They went on for miles and he could most definitely walk in heels far better than we could. Now no, he’s not the man from the MoneySupermarket advert BUT you may have seen him on Britain’s Got Talent…

‘Can’t talk, I’m really late for a show…’ *cue sad face* – Sadly Ella Eyre was fashionably late to her show otherwise I’m sure she’d have loved to chat with us! To be fair, the traffic on Brewer Street was awful! Catch you next time? We really just wanted to ask her about how she maintains all that hair!

And finally catching Sam Faiers hanging outside a sex shop. Yes, when we found Sam in the heart of Soho chilling between there and a betting shop, we wanted to catch up with her and talk all things fashion but sadly, she wasn’t doing any press at the time and was just waiting for her ticket to the show. She was suspiciously stood outside a licensed sex shop but seeing as Sam recently announced her pregnancy to boyfriend Paul Knightley, we’re pretty sure they don’t have any problems in that department.

 Sarah Bradbury