What's this? Er, just 10 incred shoes that'll keep you warm and dry WITHOUT RESORTING TO TIGHTS

Got a pash for pumps? Love a loafer? Wild about wedges? Consider SHOESDAY your new fave day of the week. ‘Cos Now’ll be bringing you the flyest footwear dropping this week every Tuesday for the forseeable. Because, people, THE SHOE MUST GO ON!

Alright, alright. Permish granted to retire your espadrilles ‘til next year. Soggy soles do not a style triumph make.

But keep the faith fashion fans, it’s not yet time to break out the opaques. It’s still August!!!

So, this week, to cope with this brrrrrr-inducing blip on the barometer, we’re bestowing upon you 10 pieces of fancy footwear that you can wear with… socks.

Hit up Happy Socks, Topshop or River Island for the best and most colourful, then pair with one of the, er, pairs from our weekly shoe hotlist. Here are the trends to try today…

1. Skaters with trainer liners
Set to see you through to Autumn this trainer trend ain’t going anywhere. Vans leads the pack, but if you’re on a budget, check out Office or New Look for options starting from £12.
Slip on a hidden trainer liner and you can still flash your ankle while remaining cosy ‘n’ comfy. F&F has the most amazing animal three pack for a mere £4.50.

£14.99 New Look Silver Woven Chunky Flatform Plimsolls

£50 Vans Classic Slip-On Shoes in Digi Leopard

£4.50 F&F 3 Pair Pack of Animal Face Footsie Socks

2. Chunky boots with statement socks
So long as you PROMISE not to
sneak your tights on, we decree that you CAN break out your boots. Find a
pair with cut outs, chain details and a chunky sole for extra fash
cachet. For sock-spiration, look for checks, animal print and neon.

£60 Oasis Kate Cut Out Ankle Boot

£29.99 Styleedit.co.uk Brown Cut Out Boots

£24.49 Dolcis at Debenhams Nude 2 Strap Cut Out Boots

£3.50 Topshop Watermelon Ankle Socks

3. Stillies with frillies
This spring summer trend has had a slow start thanks to the scorching 2014 bake off, but now it’s taken a turn for the chillsome, we’re betting this Chanel-inspired combo’s gonna fly. Style out with cute white frilly ankle socks, the highest stillies your feet can endure, a pleated midi and some Rydell High swagger.

£32 Next Leather Pointed Court Shoes

£19.99 New Look Bright Pink Metal Point Court Heels

£4 River Island Light Blue Trim Socks

Jess Spiring