We can’t help but want their friendship, hot wardrobes and style tips!

At the start of London Fashion Week we were lucky enough to head down to see Fearne Cotton‘s new collection for Very.co.uk.

But while we were admiring the clothes, we couldn’t help but stare at the FROW in front of us – that’s ‘front row’, obvs! And the ladies we couldn’t take our eyes off were not only the McFly wives – or McWives – clever eh? But Stephanie Pratt and Lucy Watson! Swoon!

They looked flawless and made us feel a little bit guilty for going back and eating that 3rd and 4th lobster brioche – awks!

What we loved most about these hot new style sisters? They were both dressed in high street! Winner!

Lucy was sporting a gorgeous dress from one of Now Mag‘s fave high street brands, Lavish Alice. And priced at £45, this is one we deffo want, like, now!

Stephanie Pratt was wearing an In The Style crop long-sleeved top and priced at £15.99, we’ll take 2! Following her legs, which we can only describe as perfectly ‘airbrushed’ IRL, we had MAJOR shoe envy but not for much longer because we’ve only gone and found out where they’re from! You can get them from Dune and in the sale at £65, better get them quick!

Stephanie first landed on our screens in hit TV show The Hills back in 2007 alongside Spencer Pratt, her not-so-popular brother! At first we hated Steph for being so mean to our girl and style crush Lauren Conrad but we really got to know her when she landed a cameo role in Made In Chelsea.

We’ve followed Steph through her ups and downs with love rat Spencer Matthews but what we really loved about her was the blossoming friendship between her and Lucy along with fiery wit, general bants and, of course, her incredible style.

During her time on Celebrity Big Brother, we really saw the soft side to Stephanie and she even managed to have a little in-house romance with none other than George ‘Gogglebox’ Gilby?! Say whaaaat? Bet he thought all his Christmases and Easters had come at once!

Now that she’s out of the house, it seems our office stateside crush is back in the style game and it seems to us that Stephanie and Lucy like to make sure their outfits always complement each other making them style sisters – cute eh?

We can’t help but want to be friends with them both and cause some havoc in London Town – to all the mums out there, lock up your sons because these two are sure to cause a stir!

Sarah Bradbury