The new Trinny and Susannah are a big hit...

The new (and improved?) What Not To Wear, hosted by Mica Paris and Lisa Butcher, has been so popular the BBC are set to make another series.

Ratings are rising fast, with 4.9 million viewers tuning in for last week’s episode – a massive 700,000 more than the first show.

The new fashion duo have left Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine eating their dust. ITV1’s Trinny and Susannah…Undress attracted 4.1million people when it was launched but has since lost 600,000 fans.

What Not To Wear producers Tracey Jeune and Vicki Barrass told The Daily Mirror: ‘It’s always a risk introducing new presenters in to high-profile shows such as this.

‘Mica and Lisa understood the values of the show immediately and have made themselves at home in it.’