TV's 'Mr Nasty' fancies himself as a perfumier...

Simon Cowell wants to boost sales of his favourite fragrance by giving its creator his well-known name for extra kudos.

‘There’s this cologne I really like and it’s not very well known, so I’m thinking of partnering up with them and giving it my name,’ he explains to BBC Radio 2.

Jumping on the celebrity scent bandwagon, the X-Factor judge thinks the creation will be a big hit because of its fruity smell. ‘It’s very citrusy, it smells of limes,’ he adds.

Simon is following in a long line of stars who have released their own fragrance.

Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, rapper
Diddy and David and Victoria Beckham all have their own personalised scents.

But Now columnist Jade Goody is beating Posh in the most popular celeb fragrance contest.

She recently released her perfume Shhh which is outselling the Beckhams’ unisex fragrance Intimately Beckham by four-to-one.