High Street store gets serious about anti-fur message...

Topshop has teamed up with PETA Europe – People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals – to make a special fashion statement: Don’t wear fur.

A mannequin in the window of their Oxford Street flagship store is wearing a coat made from teddy bears and other cuddly toys to hit home just how many real animals it takes to make just one fur coat.

‘We are proud to further our support of PETA in their great campaign for the ethical treatment of animals and continue to say NO to FUR in Topshop,’ says brand director Jane Shepherdson.

Topshop is displaying PETA’s ‘no fur’ logo badge on its mannequins inside the store – and giving them away free to customers.

You can also pick up info about cruelty in the fur industry at each cash desk.

For more information visit www.peta.org.uk