EXACT MATCH: Millie Mackintosh’s Secret? Spanx, apparently. What do YOU make of her sexy, yet shocking Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show style?

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 took place in London last night, you’ve probably seen the near-naked Angels cavorting all over your Facebook and Twitter feed all glitter and feather plume v-edgies (otherwise known as a front wedgie. Ahem).

Mrs Professor Green – Millie Mackintosh – also did her upmost to get in on the VS action, sharing a snap of her in her underwear on Instagram. But the most surprising part? That Millie’s smalls aren’t all that small actually.

In fact, t’would seem the heiress prefers herself a SPANX Boostie Yay Slimming Body with Bra Top in rose gold (£125) rather than the typical teeny tiny racey, lacey Victoria’s Secret sets we’re used to.

Hold up, Millie Mackintosh wears SPANX!? Whaaaaat!?

The ex-MIC star used hers to conceal her ‘essentials’, layering the slimming body under a white cobweb dress which – without said SPANX would have made a very different set of headlines.

While Mills was busy proving that SPANX can be sexy too, she also made damn sure that she showed those Americans how great the Great British high street is too, finishing her look with a pair of Kurt Geiger BOND heels… That cost £250!? Ooft.

If you don’t have Millie‘s millie-ions, fret not – New Look has a huge collection of classic black courts from £24.99.

And if you are lusting after Millie Mackintosh‘s look, then at least rest assured that you can get the dress for less at least. Try ukulelefashion.com (£150) or H&M who defo’ love a cobweb frock or five.

Oh, and while we’re talking all things Mackintosh – who else reckons her Insta-shot screams ‘I’m like toe-tah-lee up for walking for Victoria’s Secret next year! Yar?’

Just us!? Ah go on Victoria’s Secret, make it happen. Purleeeease, VS Angels!?

Gilly Ferguson