Ben Affleck's girl says she's no style guru

Actress Jennifer Garner might always be beautifully turned out, but fashion scares the living daylights out of her.

At red-carpet events, the 34-year-old gets a helping hand from stylist Rachel Zoe, who famously styled – and then fell out with – Nicole Richie.

Apart from these special occasions, Jen, star of upcoming film Catch And Release, says she’s not really fashion-fussed.

‘I would be happy if there was a uniform for life and we didn’t have to think about it,’ she admits.

‘I do appreciate people who have style,’ she tells Elle magazine. ‘I like to look at it. And I even like when I accidentally stumble onto something that is a combination of me and something fancy – that makes me happy.

‘But otherwise, the whole thing terrifies me.’