Jordan needs a new look

Katie Price is no longer sexy, it’s official.

Pricey‘s trademark Barbie-doll look is now just old hat.

The permatanned skin, the hair extensions, the fake nails, boobs, eyelashes etc are just so dated and unsexy now.

And quite frankly, Katie looks far older than her 33 years.

The short dresses and ‘plastic fantastic’ look may have worked when she was 23 and modelling as Jordan, but she’s now a mum of three and needs a serious style overhaul.

Come on, Katie, reinvent yourself by really stripping yourself bare.

Lay off the fakeness and get back to basics – let’s see the real sexy woman underneath.

We don’t want you to be just like Nancy Dell’Olio when you’re 50 with too much slap, too much hair and too much tat.

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