And yes, it's every bit as dreamy as their first collection for the high street fashion mecca.


Fresh from filling up an Instagram feed near you, Kendall, 20, and Kylie Jenner, 18, have squeezed in a second fashion line for high street stalwarts Topshop. So far, so typically busy.

But that didn’t stop the girls from taking time out to talk fashion with the bunch of self-confessed shopaholics who call themselves Now.

Truth be told, Kendall + Kylie’s first Topshop collection left us stunned. Not only was it more affordable than your average high-street collab – it was designed with REAL WOMEN of all ages in mind.

It almost verged on sensible (but, yer know, still chic) And, by Jove, the Jenners have done it again!

They tell Now: ‘We’re so excited to be designing a second line for Topshop. This collection reflects our favourite holiday fashion. We made sure to include a unique selection of pieces, from glamourous to edgy. Each one is special for the holiday season and captures the perfect party look mixed with effortless LA street style.’

Much like last time, this 15-piece collection was also inspired by the girls’ Instagram followers, ensuring designs that suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes – but minus the Kardashian price tag to boot.

So which piece are you gagging to wear first, ladies?

‘We love the faux fur coats!’ Kylie and Kendall told Now’s Gilly, excitedly.

‘They’re the perfect statement pieces to wear with something simple – a solid top and pants or with a dress. They’ll turn heads and keep you warm at the same time.’ See, Jenner-ation sensible!

And we’re fairly sure they were using ‘pants’ in the American sense too – but hey, who’s to argue
with fashion, right?!

Put frankly, Kendall + Kylie’s no-bullshit, simple approach to design is refreshing in an industry that’s packed with darlinks, fads and all that socks-and-sandals silliness. Kendall, Kylie? Now salutes you. Hells, we’d high five you and all, but our time’s up…


Topshop will unveil an exclusive Kendall + Kylie holiday collection in stores globally and online at from 20 November.