Talk about cool cats!

London Fashion Week is in full swing, which means the world’s most beautiful models have been touching down in the city to take to the catwalk.

But forget about Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner hitting the runways for the likes of Burberry, Jasper Conran and Topshop Unique. We’re interested in the people (okay, animals) who INVENTED the catwalk – the cats which were prowling around before Kate Moss could say ‘Felix’.

What better way to celebrate our feline friends
than with 9 (well, they do have 9 lives, after all) of the most LOL worthy,
super-duper cute and girly squeal inducing cat movie clips of ALL time. STAY

Check out the cute cats which in true fashion form
have taken to the treadmill to burn off a few calories. We wish we looked THAT
cool in the gym!


And what about the feline friend who is so flexible
he looks like he’s been having a few karate lessons. Or Cat-ate, obvs.

You’re guaranteed to love this cool cat’s best
impression of a scary witches cat with his arched back. If only he wasn’t so
cute and fluffy and white, nawww!

Think Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk? Take a
look at this tabby which can not only walk backwards but walk on his hind legs
whilst he’s at it. Genius!

Ever wondered if your cat thought he was human?
Well this one definitely does! He’s even watching TV!

We reckon this fluffy puss might have been taking
notes from the Queen’s horses – spot of dressage anyone?

Why be more dog when you can be more cat?! This
clever feline is taking someone else for a walk…his very own cat toy!

We’ve always known cats are pretty nimble on their
feet, but this cool cat’s antics are practically gravity defying. Well, he’s
got to get in the fridge for that cream somewhow…

Fancy learning some new dance moves for the weekend?
Then check out this tiny dancer – it’s 11.30 and the cat is jumpin’ jumpin.’

London Fashion Week? More like London Feline Week,
we say!

Hannah Eichler