Yes Gigi Hadid looks utterly fantastic empowering women with fitness as the latest Reebok ambassador!

Model of the moment and girl we can’t get enough of, Gigi Hadid has signed as the latest Reebok ambassador for the #PerfectNever campaign and you need to see the pics! She looks incredible!

#PerfectNever is a movement from Reebok and is a powerful and inspirational call that champions Reebok’s intrinsic message of self-betterment.

As an international supermodel, Gigi isn’t new to the pressures of perfection that are placed on women, living under the constant scrutiny of multiple critics across the globe but Gigi finds her tranquillity through fitness.

Gigi said ‘Working out isn’t only physical for me. It’s mental. It helps me escape the noise in my head. It’s the only time my mind goes quiet.

Together with Reebok, Gigi will challenge women to use physical fitness as an escape to drown out all of the negativity that surrounds them by deploying the three-point principles of the Reebok delta that puts forth the social, physical and mental benefits of fitness.

Gigi also said ‘When I was a competitive athlete, I used to be so focused on being perfect that my coaches would take me out of competing all together. I’d focus on my mistakes which would breed more missteps – a domino effect. Until I learned to change the channel, to re-focus, re-set. It was my mistakes, my imperfections that motivated me most.’

Learning to “change the channel” as she calls it, Gigi Hadid discovered that it was in fact these failures and setbacks that helped her improve – accepting them and using them as motivation to better herself. Gigi will now work with Reebok to motivate women to accept their own setbacks and imperfections by embracing their inner strength, grit and determination. How good is that!? No wonder Zayn’s madly in love with her, I think we are a bit too!