A runway success?

Last night Now‘s fashion team were glued to BBC1’s new series Material Girl.

The show’s inspired by the novel Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones, the writer responsible for Hotel Babylon.

It’s an Ugly Betty-style programme that follows the ups and downs of wannabe designer Ali Redcliffe.

Our haute couture heroine Ali quits her job to go it alone after being passed over for promotion by fashion grande dame Davina Bailey during Paris Fashion Week.

Ali‘s played by the hugely talented, but shockingly styled, Lenora Crichlow (Being Human and Sugar Rush actress).

But it’s Dervla Kirwan‘s scheming and manipulative Davina Bailey who steals the show in the style stakes – looks-wise, think of a cross between Coco Chanel and Eva Peron.

Well, all’s fair in love and fashion.

Material Girl is on BBC1 at 8pm on Thursdays

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Alison Tay