Barack Obama’s back as US President and here’s the dress that celebrated it

The votes have been counted and verified and it’s official – Michelle Obama is the First Lady of Fashion. Again.

How’s she done it?

Winning over the world/swing states one wardrobe choice at a time, Michelle’s never been shy of a thrifty dress or five. Hell, the woman wears ASOS after all! Stylish swoon.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the President’s wife would call in some big fashion favours for the victory speech…

But not Michelle. She’s taken a leaf out of Kate Middletons thrifty style rule book – and recycled a frock!

Michelle last wore the red brocade Michael Kors dress back in November 2010 for an event at the White House.

But while Michelle’s dress may be vintage Kors, the fashion titans at ASOS have created a purse-friendly alternative so now we can all feel like the First Lady for under £50.

ASOS Pencil Dress In Wiggle Shape And Spot Print, £42