We helped Tulisa choose her dress for the nomination bash

On a recent Now fashion shoot, N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos picked out a Matalan dress for last night’s Brit Awards nomination bash. 

Tulisa asked Now‘s stylist Laurie Hadleigh if she could wear the floral dress for the star-spangled event.

Not a slave to designer clothes, Tulisa said: ‘I want to wear this dress for the Brits and if people ask where it’s from, I’ll be telling them it’s Matalan!’

The blonde singer made the dress her own by styling it up with a £3.50 Primark belt, removing the detachable straps for a sexy look.

The pretty floral Matalan dress, £25, is in stores now.

See the fashion shoot with Tulisa in Teen Now, out on 9 February.

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Jade Sprowson