Wrapped Up singer Olly Murs hopes to avoid more talk of his bulge...


Olly Murs might be famed for his tight trousers but it sounds like we have seen the last of his signature clingy trews.

The 30-year-old singer admits that his clothing choices have often drawn attention to his bulge in the past, but a new look could be on the cards thanks to some rather frank fashion advice he’s received.

‘I started working with a new stylist,’ says Olly. ‘Who told me that all everyone talked about was my package and that it was time for it to go so that people would start seeing me differently.

‘He was pretty blunt about it and I could see his point.’

Olly hopes that his, erm, less restrictive pants will ensure that people focus on his music rather than his manly parts.

‘I think I’ve proved I’m more than just my package,’ he says.

Getting rid of those eye-wateringly snug slacks might just be for the best – Olly admits that they’ve been the cause of some embarrassing moments, particularly when he went on tour with fellow singer and good friend Robbie Williams.

‘We did a show in Stuttgart,’ explains Olly. ‘And as I was dancing my trousers split at the back and you could see my arse hanging out.

Robbie was backstage doubled up with laughter. He’s always going on about how tight my trousers are. He got the best laugh out of it.’

We bet he did! Olly claims he’s almost completely lost his trousers on occasions where his female fans have got a bit overexcited.

‘[At a show I did in Newcastle] I walked through the crowd and I was hanging on to my trousers because I thought they were going to be pulled off me,’ the singer tells Event Magazine.

‘I have bruises in places that makes it very hard to explain to my girlfriend.’

Yikes! We hope Olly‘s long-term love Francesca Thomas is an understanding lady…

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