Blame the UK cold snap. Blame Rylan Clark. One thing’s for sure, this week the onesie has returned

One Direction, Cheryl Cole, the X Factor 2012 lot… everyone who’s anyone this week is sticking a perfectly manicured middle finger up at style and slipping on a onesie instead.

And with UK temperatures set to plummet further this weekend, can we really blame them!?

X Factor hopeful Rylan Clark slipped on a sky blue version (plus umbrella) while Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Ellison have earned instant snug points in 3.1 Phillip Lim and OnePiece respectively.

Even One Direction have signed up to the look in the past, earning themselves the nickname Onesie Direction (well, to us anyway).

Marks & Spencer has reported a massive increase in sales compared with last year. A spokesperson for the brand says: ‘Last year the onesie made up just 1 per cent of total sleepwear sales and it’s now jumped up to 15 per cent.’

A spokesperson for high street favourite Debenhams agrees, saying: ‘We’ve already sold 155 per cent more onesies in October than the whole of September.’

But will you dare to wear what is essentially an adult-sized babygro? Do you think they’re cool or just babygro-ss?

Or would you rather be sewn into your onesie and be done with it for the duration of winter?

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