Cara Delevingne has only gone and got herself a new tattoo! But what's she delcaring her love for now?

Cara Delevingne, girl of the moment and the girl most of us at Now HQ want to be friends with, has declared her love for a certain type of meat with a new tattoo… Yeah, the word ‘bacon’ on her right foot.

It’s not secret that Cara is OBSESSED with the pork product . And who can blame her? Nothing we love more than a cheeky bacon sarnie after a hard night out. But after a brief discussion around the fashion desk, we love it JUST as much but not enough for a tattoo! Sorry C, your own your own there love!

After a quick diagram and some brief research on her Instagram, we think Cara has racked up a number of 15 tattoos in the past 15 months! That’s one a month! And for someone who is the face of multiple campaigns and catwalks, you’d think she’d slow down.

Her modeling agency have reportedly told her to slow down but Cara has always wanted ‘loads’ of tattoos and at this rate, she’ll run out of body parts to ink up. ‘Major brands [like Chanel and Burberry] have already expressed alarm at the quick succession of Cara‘s tattoos and Sarah [Cara’s agent] has told her to call a halt to it,’ a source says. ‘She’s also been told it’s not a good idea for Hollywood, where she has set her sights.’

Umm, who cares? We LOVE your tats Cara!

Her first was a lion’s face on her index finger on her right hand – a nod to her Leo Zodiac sign by Kevin ‘Bang Bang’ McCurdy. He’s infamous for tattooing fellow celebs like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Rihanna to name a few!

To follow she’s had – ‘CJD’ – her initials, ‘Made in England’ on the sole of her left foot – which was also stamped on the bottom of her bag collection for Mulberry.

‘Pandora’ is inked on the inside of her left bicep, which is also her mother’s name. Sweet!

Cara went on a trip to Rio in October 2013 and added 2 new tattoos to her collection. One being the number ’12’ in Roman numerals on her ribcage on right side – the number 12 is apparently her lucky number – and the second being a unique tattoo of the Southern Cross constellation around her ear.

Daniel Tucci, the man behind the tat said the Southern Cross is a symbol of Brazil, says, ‘It’s a cross made with stars around her ear, one star on the top of the ear, one behind, one on the back, one below and one on the tragus, like a circle around her ear.’

The next was a diamond in her ear – the same one where her Southern Cross tattoo is. The tattoo went unnoticed and it wasn’t until a fashion show in February last year that people noticed it.

Cara has the word ‘silence’ written on the inside of her wrist – making it tattoo number 8! This one was done again by Bang Bang and when he Instagrammed the picture, he followed it with the caption ‘silence speaks when words can’t.’

Pretty deep from Miss Delevingne! Followed quickly by a red heart tattoo on her pinky finger. This left us wondering… Who holds Cara‘s heart?

On a holiday in Barbados in December of 2013, it wasn’t until Cara was spotted in a bandeau bikini that we noticed another inking on her. This time, on her chest below her boobs! Ouch! The words ‘don’t worry, be happy’ – a mantra close to her heart and now, quite literally!

And then when her sister Poppy Delevigne got hitched in May, the next tatt was noticed. This is possibly one of the biggest that Cara has – one on her neck. Could this have been inspired by her trip to Thailand back in March?

Still with us? Good. The 12th was a symbol of friendship with fellow model Jourdan Dunn – they both have the letters ‘DD’ tattooed on their hip!

Cara‘s 13th tattoo was an interesting one – the words ‘breathe deep’ tattooed inside her bicep on her right arm but in white writing this time around. The 14th tattoo was also in a white in and a dove on the inside of her finger – which is one of our faves!

Making the ‘bacon’ tat number fifteen.

There is still one tattoo on her side that Cara‘s yet to reveal – secret 16. Sister Poppy was the one to take a pic of Cara being inked on a recent visit to New York in Bang Bang’s studio – another on her side.

Wonder what she’ll get next? Whatever anyone else says Cara, we LOVE your tats!

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