Abbey Clancy has announced she's pregnant with her and her footballer husband's second baby. We investigate her maternity fashion

Abbey Clancy took to Twitter on Tuesday, announcing that she’s expecting her second child with husband Peter Crouch.

The 28-year-old model wrote that she was overjoyed to be revealing she was to become a mother again.

She added that her footballer husband was pretty thrilled too.

‘Super excited to announce me and Pete are expecting our second baby. We couldn’t be happier,’ she posted on the microblogging website.

Naww, congrats guys! Peter, 33, also announced the news on his social media account, writing:

‘We are expecting baby no 2 woo hoo.’

We might have known the blonde beauty was expecting as she has worn flattering black at almost every public appearance over the last few months.

Abbey Clancy and Peter already have one child together; daughter Sophia Rose, was born on March 14 2011.

We’re sure that the adorable three-year-old is super excited for a baby brother or sister.

Hopefully this pregnancy will be better for Abbey than her first one. The stunning blonde previously revealed that being pregnant with Sophia was tough as she also had to deal with the accusations that Peter had been cheating on her.

Abbey revealed: ‘It was horrendous. For any woman who is pregnant or had a baby, it’s tough.’

She also spoke out about the pain of childbirth.

‘You know I didn’t feel any pain through the labour because I had an epidural. But when she actually came out it was horrific,’ admitted Abbey.


Despite this, Ms Clancy also revealed that she and Peter like to watch the video of Abbey giving birth.

‘Every time Pete and I have a party and we’ve had a few, the birth video goes on. I think everyone I know has seen it. I shouldn’t say that really, should I?’ confessed Abbey, who also gushed about husband Pete and his fantastic fathering skills with Sophia.

‘He’s such a capable dad, he’s unbelievable. Since day one, he’s been so hands-on – it’s like she’s got two mums. He’s better than me,’ said Abbey, adding: ‘Without being weird and wrapping her up in cotton wool, he is obsessed with her. He will play with her, bath her, feed her, dress her.’

One thing’s for sure, Abbey’s second baby will be one blimmin’ attractive child! Congratulations Abbey and Peter!

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