Kate Middleton's high fashion look throws us off the scent of her exciting baby news

When mum-to-be Kate Middleton revealed her Mulberry catwalk dress last week as she opened the Treasury Gallery at the Natural History Museum, she duped even the most suspicious stylist into thinking she’d finally embraced the latest trends.

This was the first time the Duchess of Cambridge had truly embraced a runway look, and even teamed it with a flicky Farah Fawcett-inspired hairstyle, courtesy of celebrity snipper Richard Ward.

While all eyes were on Kate‘s style transformation – with the fashionistas breathing a sigh of relief that she’d finally stopped recycling her outfits and looked like she was starting to set trends instead – no one paid any attention to her burgeoning bump.

Not just a pretty face then, eh, Kate?

Now with the news of Kate‘s pregnancy confirmed by Buckingham Palace, the Now fashionistas would love to wish Kate and Wills all the very best, and we’re secretly hoping we’re in for a very stylish pregnancy.

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