The singer has her own style

Una Foden admits that she often looks very different to how she dresses with The Saturdays.

The band are known for their sexy matching outfits when they’re on stage but Una – who is pregnant with her second child – likes a bit of hippy chic when she’s not with the group.

‘I think when I started in the band, I was a little more boho than I am now,’ says Una, 33.

‘In my own time I do dress differently and you probably don’t see that. If it’s the summer time I love maxi dresses, flip-flops and gladiator sandals.

‘And I love rock-style boots, like by Chloé or YSL, with skinny jeans and vest tops.’

Some might suggest that Una Foden has a different sense of style to the other members of The Saturdays as she’s several years older than them.

But the Irish star has previously hit out at the notion, arguing that the age gap isn’t of concern to her.

‘I remember being on a TV show when [my age] was being made a point of,’ said Una Foden.

‘Vanessa [White] had to nudge me to stop me from saying something.

‘When I first got into the band, some people said to me: “Are you going to lie about your age?” But it’d never occurred to me. I’ve never lied about it.

‘What really appealed [when I auditioned for the band] was the age range they were looking for was 18-28 when you generally think in this industry you’re past it if you’re over 25.’

Una, who has 2-year-old daughter Aoife Belle with husband Ben Foden, is actually quite glad that she didn’t become famous when she was younger.

‘People get their breaks at different ages now,’ she told Fabulous Magazine last year.

‘If it had happened for me at 19, it might have gone to my head and I’d have gone off the rails.’

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