We take a sneak peak at Rosie Fortescue's new collection for Lipstick Boutique

Hey there fashion lovers! A brand new exciting collection has arrived. Don’t fret! It’s not unaffordable designer wear from LFW. It’s Rosie Fortescue‘s amazing new collection for Lipstick Boutique.

We caught up with our fave MIC’er to find out what’s been going-awn! Read our interview below.

We love your new collection! What’s your favourite piece?

R: Thank you! I would say the white skirt and matching top.

Which of the clothes would you wear on a first date?

R: On a first date, I think you need to keep it quite simple! If it was daytime, I could wear my white skirt, with the lace hem at the bottom, that’s a bit longer, so it’s not too slutty. But I would wear it with a silk shirt tucked in and keep it quite casual and then a cream blazer/cape thing.

The clothes are gorgeous. We love the gilets…

R: They’re all cosy and wearable! Hopefully there’s something in there for everyone.

On to holiday, what are your holiday packing tips?

R: I always over-pack, so honestly I am the worst person to ask and I always try to be so good. I went to Cape Town for ten days I was so over packed and it was just ridiculous. When I went to New York when we filmed Made In Chelsea for two months last summer, I went with two and half suitcases (one of the tiny ones to take on the flight) and my bags were so overweight that they only just let them on the plane. So I went with two and half suitcases and came back with six!

I did loads of shopping and had to buy cases out there. I was there for two months! But also, I had to transfer stuff from the cases that were so overweight, like handbags and kept them in boxes. I bought so many pairs of shoes, it was mad! So I always over pack and over buy because I love clothes and shoes so much!

So what are the top five things you HAVE to pack when you go on holiday?

R: If it’s winter, a fedora. If it’s summer, a panama hat. Always. I don’t show my face to the sun, because I’ll fake it on my face just with some bronzer. I’ll get my body in the sun but I’ll obviously wear high sun cream because I’m pale, but I don’t fake tan my body.

Cool espadrilles, I’m obsessed with. I just got some really cool ones from this brand Soludos, from Oxygen Boutique. I bought two pairs. Ones white and one is like an eye with eyelashes, and the other is a blinking eye. Then the other pair, one is chips and the other is a burger.

A book for holiday is essential, or do you only want clothing? Sunglasses! I stayed in Cape Town for ten days and I took twelve pairs. I don’t know how I thought I’d wear them all. You love one pair a lot and then you only wear one pair! I went to Athens for two days last week and I took four pairs. I bought a pair out there, so I didn’t wear any of them, which is ridiculous.
Jewellery. A watch, always!

What about in your flight bag? What would you put in there?

R: In my carry on, I take a notebook for ideas when I’m doing work or designing a jewellery collection. When I went to Athens, I had my little sketchbook and I was doing that.

A book and headphones for watching if it’s a long haul flight. A nice passport cover and document holder. I like all of those accessories. Oh and lip balm! It [flying] dehydrates you so much!

What about the one fashion and one beauty essential you cannot fly without?

R: Fashion…a warm, comfortable…actually I’m lying, because it’s not that warm. The last few times I’ve been I’ve worn a denim shirt. It’s really comfortable and long-sleeved because it gets cold on flights.

For beauty, definitely lip balm. I dry out so much on the plane, but I swell like the elephant man. I trained really hard before I went to Cape Town and the day I woke up I was like, ‘ahh! Amazing!’ Even after Christmas day and eating all the cheese board I still had a really toned stomach. I get on the flight and it looks like I’m five months pregnant! I get off the flight and I can’t get my shoes on, I’m fat and then I just started drinking alcohol and I thought, ‘what was the point of going to the gym?’ I really swell on aeroplanes. It’s disgusting. I’m not an attractive flyer!

What fashion and beauty items give you body confidence?

R: For beach body, I think a really nice bikini cover-up! Even something that’s open, or something that’s low buttoned but covers up that you can wear. I went to quite a few day parties in Cape Town. So I had one really nice Missoni dress that’s really colourful and has buttons all the way down the front, so before you have lunch, you can look all cute with it open, but once you’ve had a pizza, you can button it back up again! Something like that that you can feel really comfortable in throughout the day.

Any styling tips for the beach? How would you do your hair?

R: I normally tie my hair up or tie it in a low bun, so that you can see a little bit of hair and I don’t look bald with a panama. So a little bit of hair, sunglasses, bun at the back. Also, as much as I am pale, I do want to try and get rid of that and if my hair is all over my body, it’s not going to happen.

Any tips for keeping your hair and skin in tact in the sun?

R: Well I cover my hair and face with a hat, but also a good sun protection spray or a heat protection spray in my hair every day.

What would you wear to a summer wedding if you were a guest?

R: I am going to a wedding in May. It’s several days, so I have bought this Pret A Portobello dress in a bright colour. It’s reddy, orangey, angular printed, sleeveless. It’s just below the knee and nipped in at the waist. It’s high necked. High necked and sleeves isn’t always a good look but I think if you expose your arms, then that is fine.

What are your wedding style no-nos?

R: Obviously not white. I think white is such a difficult colour to wear anyway. I know I’m wearing print, but I wouldn’t want anyone to wear anything garish at my wedding. I’d rather they wore muted colours.

I just think don’t look like a whore. If you look like a whore at my wedding, we’re not friends! I went to a friend’s wedding not that long ago and I saw what their friends were wearing and I just thought, ‘are you going to a night club in London?’ You cannot wear that! You need all of this covered and nothing short – to the knee or below!

If one of my friends turned up looking like a whore, which I don’t think they would, I would make them go down the road to Marks and Spencer and dress themselves. Find anywhere! I don’t care if they’re late! It would be so offensive. No miniskirts. Don’t dress like you’re going to a night club in London, especially if you’re going to a wedding outside of London.

I’m struggling on shoes. If it’s a country club wedding, then Valentino nude heels? Probably not. I don’t want to be that one who is in the grass in the wrong heels. There are lots of things you have to consider.

What’s the worst wedding outfit you’ve seen?

Just short skirts and flesh coloured tights. Please cover those legs up. NO-ONE is wearing flesh coloured tights at my wedding.

Fascinators or hats?

Hats. I don’t think I need to wear one to my friends wedding though.

What was your best dress moment?

The time I felt most amazing was in the Victoria’s Secrets show, I wore this amazing Julien Macdonald dress. You know when you just feel sexy and think, ‘yeah, I felt good.’

When have you been star struck?

I went to my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party on Saturday and Jamie Dornan was there. But he has an Irish accent and I didn’t expect it. So I was like, ‘No! You’re not meant to speak like that!’ I was being so weird in my head while talking to this guy about how cute his daughter is, so I was just trying to control my thoughts! It was so weird! But he’s so sweet and his daughter is adorable. Now I won’t see him as Christian Grey. I’ll watch Fifty Shades and be like, ‘no, you’re a dad.’

Which celebrity would you most like to meet?

R: Louis Theroux. I’m obsessed with him and his documentaries. My sister’s met him twice in the street. Not met him…RUN after him twice in the street. He must think she’s so weird.

What’s been your most surreal moment?

R: Going to the Victoria Secrets show. Just because it was something that I’d watched it with my sister for so many years and years. When I got invited I thought it was mad.

What has been your most ‘pinch yourself’ moment?

R: I think when Made In Chelsea won a BAFTA. That was incredible! All of opportunities I’ve had from the show have been ‘pinch yourself’ moments because I started my fashion blog when I left university. I did a degree in history of art. I worked in the art world for a while and didn’t want to go into it. Then we did the show and it was a risk. It’s done so well and everything that has happened – collaborating with Lipstick Boutique, the show winning a BAFTA, my blog being really quite successful – all of these opportunities mean that every day I pinch myself.

So you like to stay grounded?

Yes. I love working hard and I am doing exactly what I love. I Instagrammed something at the weekend, ‘good things come to those who work their asses of and never give up’ (CAPTION WAS ‘FACT #SUNDAYS #WORKING #DOINGWHATILOVE’) Everyone was like, ‘what the f**k do you do?’ I replied to somebody and really gave it to that person. He was like, ‘what? Going out and spending mummy and daddy’s money?’ So I nailed him! He said, ‘oh I didn’t actually mean it, I just wanted a response from you!’ F**k you! You ruined my morning because you were so rude to me and I angered and let lose on you. Once people saw that he got a reply, everyone started calling me a f**kin lazy b*t*h! They all wanted to get me going so I just had to relax and delete them all. I have to just breathe because most of the time they are just doing it for a reaction, are jealous or are just bitter.

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Lydia Anne Thompson