It's time to break up with your flip flops and start shopping for a brand new stack of shoes. We know it's hard, but this footwear is so fabulous you'll be wondering why you didn't dump your sandals sooner

Flip flops we’re sorry! It’s time for us to break up, summer’s been great and all, but you’re just not cutting it in the style stakes anymore. And all that wear and tear of festivals and hazy late nights have made you look quite frankly a bit old and tatty. We’re going to have to let you go. 

Plus, it’s a bit fickle, but the new season shoes are so shiny! And they have just hit the high street. If we’re really honest, our eyes started wandering to them months ago. Ooops!

So we’re marking this weekend as the start of your autumn/winter shopping. And if you’ve read our trend pages in the mag, you should already have a heads up. But don’t worry we won’t hold it against you if you haven’t as these new shoes are completely new to us too and will instantly take your wardrobe from meh to marvellous.

So this weekend put your best foot forward and head to the high street for the hottest new shoes about. 

Now‘s top 5 shoes to buy this weekend:

1. Snake skyscrapers – Topshop, £48

Wahey! It just wouldn’t be the weekend without one and the hottest heels right now are so sexy we nearly had a hissy fit over which colours to buy. So we bought three. Whoopsie!  

2. Shoe boots Missguided, £34.99

Perfect for warmer days and also if you’re struggling to shut away your pinkies. Plus, they also work as a office to party footwear winner.

3. Lazer cut shoe boots Zara, £49.99

Comfy and sexy don’t often go together in the shoe world, but the arrival of a new brigade of boots, shoeboots to be exact, means we can party until the sun comes up, without wailing, ‘I’ve just got to go bare foot.’ You’ll still do it, but hopefully not at 11pm this time.

4. Chelsea boots Asos, £38

Pair with a summer dress for an instant transitional look. Hooray, no more judging looks from people who think you have a summer attachment disorder. 

5. Riding boots Aldo, £110

Not quite ready for knee highs? No we’re not either, these are a great alternative and ok you might not even be able to wear these now, but you’ll thank us that you bought them before they sold out. 

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Lydia Anne Thompson