Going on holiday? Then you NEED this bikini!


You know what it’s like; you’re going away on holiday, you’ve been dieting since January to look your best and need a new profile pic for Facebook but you’re broke and all your money is currently in Euros and are in desperate need for a new bikini…

Well rejoice fashion bunnies because the legends at Peacocks are selling a gorgeous teenie weenie polka dot bikini for 99p –yes, actually! 99p!

Available now in a blue and white polka dot print; this bikini is a holiday must-have and at 99p there’s no excuse for it not to be in your wardrobe! I mean, that’s the same price of the questionable burger you ate from McDonalds before boarding the flight!

‘We know our customers love a great deal so now that summer is here we are treating everyone to a gorgeous 99p bikini. The bikini is perfect for relaxing by the pool or on the beach and can be made pool party ready with a range of accessories. The bold print ensures that this bikini is a great addition to any holiday suitcase,’ commented a spokesperson from Peacocks.

Peacocks is all about giving you the best of this seasons trends for all the family!  The high street retailer specialises in providing high quality and value for the whole family. Established in 1884, the business is dedicated to bringing customers exceptional value for money with a fashionable edge. And they’ve just saved your bank balance from another pre-holiday wardrobe beating with this cheeky little 99p bikini!

So that means you can spend more of your money on cocktails by the pool, dirty food for the morning after and holiday tat for your family! Because who doesn’t love a fridge magnet from Zante?!

Sarah Bradbury