Release your inner positivity…

As waves of celebrities start to open up about their struggles with depression and negativity, we look at the ways you can try and deflect the feelings that bring you down.

Self-help author Anne Jones believes that every thought we have holds the energy of the feeling and emotion behind the thought. She says negativity is infectious and can bring us down, creating despair and more anxiety.

A whole heap of celebrities like DEMI LOVATO and JUSTIN BIEBER have recently opened up with their struggles of depression so it’s refreshing to see that no one is immune. Anne suggests the following six tips to help you stay positive…

1.Keep your own thoughts positive

If you focus on the positive things in your life, you’ll be less likely to attract negative energy. If a negative thought slips out, then straight away think of something else to diffuse your first thought.


2.Distract yourself from the news

Once you are up to date on the news, turn off the TV, avoid Facebook and find something to focus on that is light hearted or meaningful.

3. Avoid people who enjoy wallowing in negativity

Mix with upbeat and lively people who have the similar views to you and enjoy being positive rather than scaremongering.

4.Don’t play the blame game

If you find yourself fuming and spitting at the TV when a subject is raised then ask yourself if it is affecting you directly? Can you affect or change what is going on? Is it actually any of your business? If you answer no, then focus on what you can influence. Make someone’s life better, give love and time to someone who needs it or find a way to make a difference to the world through your own efforts.

5.Look at the bigger picture. Take a step back and see what is really going on

The world needs to change and aspects of humanity’s behaviour need to heal. Whenever we would benefit from change then our higher intelligence will make sure that something challenges us or forces us to take a new direction. The same thing is happening in a bigger way for humanity.

6.Laugh at it

By all means have a rant and get the toxic feelings out, then laugh at yourself or the situation. Laughter will always raise your vibrations and diffuse and lighten negative energies.