Jerry Hall shares her fail-safe strategy

At Now Online, we’re no strangers to mingling with the famous and fabulous, but the immaculately groomed, impossibly glossy, wide-eyed and glowing Jerry Hall is in a class of her own.

(Note to self: must book an eyebrow shape, manicure, and professional blow-dry.)

Supermodel and Strictly Come Dancing star Jerry‘s suitors – who include Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry – are the sexiest men of all time, so we knew she’d have a sexy secret or two worth sharing.

Jerry reveals: ‘Garter belts are very, very sexy. Just a quick glimpse of one will whip any man into a frenzy…and I know from experience!’

As well as being put through her paces by dance partner Anton Du Beke, Jerry has a fail-safe strategy for keeping her supermodel body in check.

‘My trainer comes over twice a week and I do a lot of leg-work. I also play volleyball and go swimming a couple of times a week. Riding horses is great for your inner thighs too. Exercise is great for releasing endorphins which gives you that inner glow.’

And just in case you were in any doubt, yes those lithesome legs really do go on forever.

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Alison Tay