We asked 100 women what they really thought about celebs' bodies - and their own

Ultra-thin size 0 stars are the fashion pack’s latest fixation. But do
they really affect our own weight issues? We surveyed over 100 women to find out…

Are you on a diet
at the moment?

Yes 23%
No 77%

Do skinny celebs
and models make
you feel like you
have to lose weight?

Yes 34%
No 66%

Should very skinny models be banned
from the catwalk?

Yes 57%
No 43%

Do you get upset if
you put on weight?

Yes 85%
No 15%

Would you rather be
fat with big boobs or
thin with no boobs?

Fat with big boobs 20%
Thin with no boobs 73%
Other 7%

Which is more important to you: your figure or your face?

Face 83%
Figure 13%
Both 4%

Do you have cellulite no matter what you eat?

Yes 61%
No 39%

Does cellulite
bother you?

Yes 45%
No 55%

Do stretchmarks bother you
enough to cover
up your figure?

Yes 38%
No 62%

Which is more important: hitting the gym or hanging out with your man?

Gym 15%
Man 78%
Both 7%