Mollie likes to wear flat brogues these days

As Mollie King gets ready to host five fashion shows at Bullring Birmingham this month, we catch up with the fashionista who loves to hit the shops with boyfriend Jordan Omley.

‘He’ll always give an honest opinion,’ Mollie tells us.

‘When you’re shopping you don’t want people to say everything looks nice, you want the truth. I like his
opinion but at the end of the day I’m always going to wear what I like.’

Mollie, 26, also enjoys a bit of high street browsing with her Saturdays band mates.

‘We’ve all got such different styles,’ she reveals.

‘If I’m going for something evening then I’d probably take Rochelle or Frankie – for daytime Una and Vanessa.

‘I really like how Vanessa dresses. She’s got quite an eclectic style and has a bit of an edge to her outfits.

‘My style is quite preppy. I’m wearing way more flat shoes and brogues recently. I just can’t be bothered to totter about all the time! Or take half an hour to walk down the stairs.

‘I used to be a tomboy, you know, really sporty and always in tracksuits. So it’s a bit of a turn-around.

‘Being in the band has definitely brought out the girlier side of me.’

Mollie presents The Show: Ten at Bullring on 28 September (11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm).


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