First it was her Nike trainers, now Victoria Beckham’s had her designer heels branded…

Victoria Beckham shared a picture of her new Prada heels on Instagram on Tuesday, writing: Thank you @Prada for my shoes!!!! How posh, they have my initials on!!!!x vb’

That’s right, Victoria is so fashwan nowadays that Prada personally imprint her heels with her initials VB’.


And if Posh is having her initials put on her new shoes – and her full name on the labels of her fashion collection – well, it must mean that name tags are suddenly very chic indeed.

Becks’ missus shared her exciting new Prada-shaped gift on Instagram days after she uploaded a picture of her new personalized POSH’ Nike trainers on Twitter.

The trainers are part of Nike’s ID range which allows customers (much like Victoria Beckham) to personalise their own designs. Nice!

If all else fails, just treat yourself to a personalised can of Coke.

It’s also very spring/summer ’13 – and you can always wear it on your feet when you’re finished.


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